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Not many people realize that making hot drinks using boiling water from a kettle, is not ideal. The situation is not helped by the new breed of instant boiling water tap (which is 98 degrees centigrade, almost boiling water).

Most teas need very hot water to release the delicate flavors and subtle aromas. Boiling or near boiling water destroys these giving a bland hot drink. Then all the different types of tea become the same and are only differentiated by their color.

Perfect Tea

But the temperature at which it’s best for brewing tea has been well researched by the ancient tea makers and has been known for a millennium or more. Tea Brewing Chart

Elaborate copper vessels have been constructed, with long spouts. Where boiling water that’s inside reaches its ideal temperature as it cools as the water travels along the long a copper spout and into a pot with the tea leaves.

Electric Kettle with Temperature Control

But today we can take the guess work out and get to exactly the temperature required. Introducing the electric kettle with temperature control, like the ones seen here electric kettle with temperature control

With these kettles you set the temperature required and the kettle does the rest. Heating the water to the desired temperature. A simple idea but a very effective one.

These kettles also have an additional function, which is to keep the water at the desired temperature for a short period of time. This is useful when you need to heat the vessel used to make and brew the tea. Because the temperature will drop if that vessel is cold.

Old Balck Tea PotThe Steps to Make a Cup of Tea

Best to fill the vessel ( teapot or cup) first, with some of the hot water. Then, after one minute, pour that water away. Now the vessel is nice and warm, fill with the right amount of tea leaves then add the (kept at the correct temperature) water. Result a perfect cup of tea.

This may seem overkill for just making a simple cup of tea. But it really isn’t. It’s actually just a three step process.

  1. Warm water
  2. Warm vessel
  3. Brew tea

Another quite important point is that real tea. That is green tea/white tea have medicinal properties. These teas are known to be beneficial for good health. That benefit is lost unless the tea is made at the correct temperature.

Ideal Gift

So the variable temperature kettle is not really a luxury it’s a health aid too. It’s also great if you’re into herbal teas and you like great flavor.

Makes s perfect gift for this Christmas for anyone you might know that likes green tea.

Posted by Mia Steward