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iphone Credo

The iPhone is a great cell phone, which just gets better with each release. And those of us that have bought into the iPhone, stick with it and don’t go go to any other brand.

Put simply, what’s not to like about the iPhone except maybe the price?

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Android Ahead

Like it or not Android phones are just as good as the iPhone. Some would say more innovative. But with an array of different models and different manufactures software on top of android, it can be a bewildering marketplace.

The iPhone gives us consistency and doesn’t introduce sudden changes. Get s new iPhone upgrade and you’re instantly familiar with it. You up and running on your new phone in no time.

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iphone’s Missing Feature

But there is one thing that bugs me, certainly on the older models and there’s s lot out there. And that’s wireless charging for iphone. Many Android phones have had this feature for a number of years and I already presumed Apple would follow. But so far they haven’t.

But there are third party solutions that fix this omission by Apple. The good news is that you don’t need to open the phone up, you won’t affect your warranty. And it’s all done within a minute.

Get Charging Wirelessly

So what is it and where can I get one. Try here wirelesschargerforiphone.com Basically, it’s a wireless charger that fits into charging socket on the phone. The other but bends over and sticks to the back of you phone and that’s it, done.

The bit that sticks to the back off your phone can pick up electricity, using something called induction ( you can read more here). That electric charge is then passed into the phone.

Now it’s not fast. But you want to get into the habit of always putting your iPhone on a charging pad. When you do that the phone is charging instead of running slowly down.

And that’s the big idea. The phone will always be ready to go when you are.

Posted by Mia Steward